Online Venture Building Launch-Pad

R9990,00 / 3 months

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A 10-week, online weekly programme to help aspiring entrepreneurs to ideate, validate, and launch their purposeful businesses.

Programme will run from the 16 August 2023 – 18 October 2023.

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Why this programme:

Times are tough, jobs are scarce and the cost of living continues to rise. Many people are considering entrepreneurship or starting a business as means to become self-sufficient, a side hustle to supplement their salaries, whilst others just want to be their own bosses.

It is true that owning a business can provide financial benefits, but it can do so much more. When you build and own the right type of business, it can:

  • Give you a sense of purpose and bring meaning to your life.
  • It can help you add value in your market by solving problems that matter to your customers
  • It can empower you to make a meaningful difference in your community and economy
  • and last lastly it can help you build your asset portfolio and ultimately a positive wealth legacy for you and family.

Through this 10-weeks programme you will be supported to define your motivations and aspirations for going into business and be led through a systematic process of ideating, validating and launching your business.

Three things will happen at the end of the 10 weeks you will:

  1. prove that your idea is worth pursuing and go on to launch your business.
  2. You will decide to pivot from your original idea based on real and validated feedback from your market
  3. You may realise that you are not ready to pursue entrepreneurship and seek other ways to share your skills and passions with the world.

Who is this programme ideal for:

  • Employed individuals seeking to supplement their salaries with a side-hustle
  • Employed individuals exploring transitioning to entrepreneurship full-time
  • Unemployed individuals with entrepreneurial interest
  • Entrepreneurs with existing businesses generating less R1 million per annum (micro enterprises)
  • + 18 Years

What will be covered in the programme:

  • What is entrepreneurship and what type of entrepreneur am I
  • My life and business end-goal
  • Finding problems worth solving
  • Ideating possible solutions
  • My organizational structure
  • Traction channels
  • My business money matters
  • My business strategic DNA
  • Preparing to pitch my business to customers/ investors / partners
  • My business launch plan
Online Venture Building Launch-Pad
R9990,00 / 3 months