How my faith influences how I do business

My faith is an integral part of how I live, love and serve in the world . It cuts across all aspects of my life (my work, my relationships and generally how I show up.)

In this phase of my professional journey where I am taking small leaps of faith, betting on myself and taking daily investment risks with the hope of reaping profits, my FAITH sustains me.

The profits I desire are not just monetary, but include impact profits, spiritual profits and recognition profits for having built and served with absolute purpose in every life role I have been entrusted with by the one who created me for His glory.

One day soon, I will share with you my battle with imposter syndrome as I sat down to write and self-publish my first book in an area I am absolutely passionate about but feel under qualified for but still moving with the confidence that God has qualified me and chose me to serve him in this way.

I was 24 years old, when I decided I wanted to be an entrepreneur though I had limited knowledge, resources and networks to build anything of significant value.  I took a leap of faith, 14 years later I am still here. I have tried, I have failed, I have struggled but most importantly I have believed and now I am receiving the promises preserved for me.

My book, “The Entrepreneurial Guide to the Promised Land.” is not just a go-to toolkit to learn more about building your business, it is a book to turn to when you need inspiration to take one more chance and then trust God to do the rest..

Faith has nothing to with the religious denomination you belong to, but has to do with who and what you believe about your existence and your purpose in this world. 

I pray and hope that my character and service clearly communicate my Faith.


Xoliswa Moraka – The Purposeful Entrepreneur