How can I find my passion?

More often than not, we use the word “passion” to encourage people to reflect and connect with what they love as means to find professional careers that do not only enable them to make money but also to gain meaning from the work they do.

The oxford dictionary defines passion as, “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.”

In my line of work we always encourage entrepreneurs to do what they love vs just choosing a business that will make them money but suck life out of them because they hate it.

Below I share my own thoughts about how you can go about finding your own passion, would love to hear your thoughts?

  1. Look to self – what are the things that you do naturally and you love doing (e.g. helping people, solving complex problems, coming up with new ideas, building things etc.)
  2. Create a list of skills and talents that you possess – These are natural and developed skills and talents you believe you can build a career out of (e.g. cooking, public speaking, writing, drawing, singing etc ), rate them and choose at least one or two that you can further explore.
  3. Think about things you care about – (e.g. teaching kids to read, helping entrepreneurs build their businesses, advocating for women’s rights etc)
  4. Reflect – on what you would like to be known and celebrated for in your professional career when its all said and done
  5. Think of a (product/service) you can offer – and enable you to be paid to do what you love
  6. Take action – act on your dreams.

My encouragement to help you find your passion is always think about your passing, because death is inevitable for all us. If you knew that you only had three years to live would you still do the work you are currently doing? If not, what work would bring you both meaning and money? Find ways to channel your energy there.

As always I hope you found value in this article and that you are encouraged to live, love and serve with purpose


Xoliswa Moraka (The Purposeful Entrepreneur)