For Entrepreneurs

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with us

Entrepreneurship is one of the most tried and tested value-creation vehicles through which humans can demonstrate their passions and ability to build businesses that provide solutions to the most pressing market challenges, help economies grow, contribute to job creation, and create an abundance of wealth.

For Entrepreneurs


A networking platform where entrepreneurs can connect, learn and collaborate with each other. Activities include Monthly meet-up, book club, advisory, peer to peer networking, strategic planning sessions etc.

Management Consulting

We serve as an outsourced management team to SMMEs helping them to build their capacity, gain access to professional skills and resources to build and grow their businesses.

Venture Buildng Programmes

Tailored Entrepreneurship Development Programmes aimed at enriching entrepreneurs' lives and growing their businesses.

Access to Market/Finance Support

We help entrepreneurs to prepare and unlock access to market or finance opportunities through helping them to address business gaps and connecting to opportunities.
We strategically partner and support (corporate, government, foundations, financial institutions and development agencies) with a mandate and passion to drive economic growth through entrepreneurship and small business development to access and develop a quality pipeline of business that they can back/invest in to fulfill their strategic objectives.

Startups / New Founders

We provide strategic, personalized and strategic life and business solutions≤to help you move from idea to market.

Established Entrepreneurs / Founders

 we support entrepreneurs with existing businesses to transition from survivalist to viable, sustainable and lasting growth.

Challenges we help solve:

StartUp Entrepreneurs:

●  Ideating, validating and launching your business

●  Personal and Business Goal setting

●  Personal Mastery support

●  Startup and Growth Business Strategies

●  Closing the knowledge and skills gap

●  Building your team

●  Finding the right market and building a sound value proposition

●  Setting up business systems


Growth Entrepreneurs:

●  Managing and operating your business effectively and efficiently

●  Brand building and market penetration

●  Leveraging technology to drive growth and scale

●  Risk and Compliance management

●  Financial management, tax and accounting

●  Investment readiness

●  Putting first things first and working

Scale Up Entrepreneurs:

●  Building relationships/networking

●  Finance, accounting and tax for SMES

●  Investment readiness and accessing finance

●  Leveraging technology to drive growth and scale

●  Risk and Compliance management

●  Developing grit and welcoming change (i.e. Being resilient)

●  Exit Strategies for Founders